We do not collect any revenue from this website, since we would need to apply for licenses from brands, players, leagues and teams to have profit from their image or name. We do not own anything related to the brands names or logos, teams names or logos, leagues names or logos or players names and their image usage. This website has the purpose of gathering football boots fans around the world at one place, where they can find their favorite boots and players.

We are a bunch of guys who are first of all, fans of football (or soccer), all born in the era of technology and gaming. We all "met" at a forum called Evo-Web, a british gaming forum, one if not the biggest forum of football gaming around the web.

In this forum, specifically at the The Boots Thread, is where all this idea was conceived between a few guys. At this thread, we would list the boots, not mattering if it was from a big or small brand, and which players have been spotted using this boot. Updating this list was something manual and sometimes tiring.

That's when a few of the guys thought about having a boot usage database, automatizing all this process. We started creating everything after the 2014 World Cup, but our lead developer had a full time job and an university to finish. He is the lead developer because he is the only developer we have...

Sorry for the delay, guys